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TRIVIA TIME: Shuichi Minamino/Youko Kurama


It has been stated in latest releases that Kurama’s Birthday falls on December 29.

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Thoughts about Youko Kurama?


I love Youko Kurama. Though I have some confessions to make. 

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I used to think of Youko & Shuuichi as separate people, when in reality they’re not. While I think his transformation brings out more demonic natural instincts, I think in all honesty he’s the same as Kurama just a different appearance.

  • His appearance… Oh he’s sexy. He’s lean, tall, slick, and suave. He’s definitely nailed down sex-appeal.

  • His demonic nature/personality… He becomes more aggressive, more sadistic. Its the complete opposite of his gentleman appearance as his Shuuichi form… and honey, every woman loves a man with a dark side… plus his smirk… it just makes me fantasize that he’s a dirty boy :p